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GSFMT Scientific Conference 2021 14-15 June, 2021, TARTU

TÜ ASTRA project PER ASPERA “Institutional Development Program for 2016-2022”

GSFMT Scientific Conference 2021
14-15 June, 2021, TARTU

Vspa Conference Centre , Riia2,Tartu, KVARTAL
NB! The dates have been shifted by one day forward, as Dorpat Conference Centre does not work any more and new place has different days available

The registration and abstract submission is closed.

NB! Please use the template Guidlines for writing an abstract for FMTDK conference
Oral presentations (20 min) will be selected by the GSFMT council.
Poster presenters are requested to make a short oral presentation (3 min).

The logo of European Union European Regional Development Fund is required in the abstract and  presentations.

On June 15, an excursion ”Shipping on Emajõgi” is available.

Further information:

Dr Lilli Paama lilli.paama@ut.ee

Dr Toomas Plank toomas.plank@ut.ee

Vivian Klimušev vivian.klim@gmail.com