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Guest lecture “Microbiology at interfaces: surfaces, disciplines, people” 28.03.2022

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Guest lecture on

Microbiology at interfaces: surfaces, disciplines, people

Prof Joanna Verran,

Emeritus Professor of Microbiology at Manchester Metropolitan University

This talk will concentrate on interactions occurring between microorganisms and inert surfaces – initial attachment, adhesion, retention and subsequent biofilm formation. Although the presentation will present some examples on ‘true’ biofilms at solid-liquid interfaces (water pipes, denture plaque), the majority of the talk will concentrate on solid-air interfaces, such as hygienic food contact surfaces, and antimicrobial surfaces intended for use in different environments. During the talk, methods to assess the effectiveness of such surfaces in managing contamination by microorganisms will be discussed. Also, possibilities to interact with organisations working on development of standardised methods to show antimicrobial effectiveness at intended point of use, will be demonstrated.


Joanna Verran is Emeritus Professor of Microbiology at Manchester Metropolitan University where she established the Microbiology at Interfaces research group. Her research is cross-disciplinary, focusing on the interactions occurring between microorganisms and inert surfaces, most recently in the fabrication and characterisation of putative antimicrobial surfaces, and in assessment of their efficacy. Throughout her career she has also been an innovative teacher, incorporating other disciplines into her practice. In 2019, she was awarded the AAAS Public Engagement with Science award for her science communication activities. During the talk, Jo will also use the term ’interface’ to outline how she included other disciplines (such as art and literature) in her award-winning teaching as well as in her research, and in her public engagement activities.


Date:             28.03.2022

Online:          https://ut-ee.zoom.us/j/91427582522?pwd=NnJBRldzalFVam9GcEFkdWc4a1I0UT09

Meeting ID: 914 2758 2522
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Time: 15:00


Further information:

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