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Presentation skills 1+1 training course Sept 16 and Sept 23, 2021

ASTRA “TTÜ arenguprogramm aastateks 2016-2022”



Presentation skills 1+1 training course

Sept 16 and Sept 23, 2021

This is a two days intensive training course for one (the same) group of doctoral students (12 participants). Homework. Certificate.

Place:                                   TalTech (Ehitajate tee 5)

Language:                           English

Coach:                                  Ülo Vihma, Araks OÜ



Day 1, September 16, 2021

Room: U05-303

8 ac. hours. Breaks in between.

8:45-9:00 Registration (coffee)

9:00       Introduction

  • Types of speeches: informative, emotional, persuasive.

What type of speech is the presentation of doctoral thesis, conference presentation, lecture?

  • Overcoming stage fright. Getting contact with the audience. Going to the stage. Anchorage. Finding your own point of support (strength). Breathing. Eye contact. Opening sentences.
  • Gaining self-confidence and persuasiveness thanks to thorough preparation: goal setting, analysing the audience, building structure, planning time.
  • Using mind map for creating structure and putting down main terms/themes. Using cards as memory assistance. Using slaids.

13:00 – 14:00 Lunch +coffee

  • Going on with the preparation. Presentation structure, main standpoints, possible questions and answers, arguments.
  • Closings. Rhetorical techniques.
  • Visualisation and other means for supporting presentation.
  • Voice and body language: tempo, emphases, intonation, articulation; posture, moving around, gesticulation, mimics
  • How to overcome interferences from the audience, black outs, losing one’s voice

Training and homework – own presentation.

16.30  Closure


Day 2, September 23,  2021

Room: U05-301

8 ac.hours

8:45-9:00 Registration (coffee)

9:00   Presentation practice with feedback and analyses.

  • Own presentations
  • Coping with stress, interference and questions
  • Keeping the attention of the audience
  • Improvised speeches, interviews, media presentations

13:00-14:00 Lunch + coffee

  • Going on with presentations
  • Summarising main factors that have impact on the presentation
    • Preparation: self-esteem and self-tuning
    • Personality: individuality and reputation
    • Stage fright: stress management
    • Persuasiveness: using arguments and answering questions
    • Contact: using senses and feedback
  • Discussion, Q&A, self development task

16.30  Closure

Coach: Ülo Vihma

Academic education in English (Tartu University, 1977-80), drama (Tallinn Academy of Music and Theatre 1980-84), masters’ course in organisational behaviour (Tallinn University 2000-02). Additional training in management (US Information Agency, 1993), psychotherapy (GIS-International/Skandinavian program,  Denmark, 1993-99) and numerous therapeutic and social skills workshops. 20 years of experience in public and in-company trainings, consulting and coaching. Part-time lecturing in management and teamwork in Estonian Business School (2000-2006). Accredited consultant and coach of Margerison-McCann The Team Management Systems™ (UK, 2003 and 2009), Deep Lead™ (Finland, 2005,) and Estonian Association of Business Consultants (2009).  Practioner Diploma,  Academy of Executive Coaching (2013, UK). Systemic Team Coaching, Academy of Executive Coaching (2015, UK); Communication IQ (2017, USA).

Trained and worked as an actor, trained actors in stage speech, having presenting experience with different audiences and media (TV, radio, film, interviews, conferences), coaching presentation skills about 20 years.

Author of a book „Inimene konfliktide keskel“ (A Man in Between Conflicts), Estonian business daily Äripäev publishers, 2006.